Hello! I’m thrilled you’re here! And truly believe you didn’t land on this page by accident.

My wish… is to see you empowered to design the life you dream about, but aren’t sure it is realistically available to you… to see you celebrate and laugh every win… to see you feeling fulfilled living your purpose… to see you enjoying your life’s journey.

I’d love to take a moment to show you the different ways we can band together to help make our world a better place.

There are several ways we can work together…

Take an Online course

Whether you’re looking to grow a business, identify and ditch harmful chemicals in your home, desperate for self-care that actually works, need some help overcoming hardship, or want to get started building or scaling a business… I have a few courses available to help you create your best life that are designed to walk you through:

  • Implementing a self-care routine that actually works,
  • Set up your home and workspace to honor your mind, body, and soul with healthy products and design,
  • Move into living your soul purpose for this life,
  • Heart-centered entrepreneurship,
  • Heart-centered, intuitive parenting and homeschooling

Embark on a Personal Transformation Journey

You deserve to build a life that runs on your own terms. Get your beautiful soul out of the box you’re trying to cram it into to fit someone else’s expectations, and embrace the freedom you deserve. Be free to be 100% yourself, loving every aspect of your life (challenging lessons and all).

Together, we will develop a self care routine that actually works for you. One that honors your mind, body, and soul, actually has you feeling rejuvinated, and increases your intuitive connections that will guide you on your true life path that resonates with every aspect of who you truly are.

Then, we will take your newfound intuitive gifts and use them to create a career shift that honors your lifestyle and your family needs. Whether this means creating a brand new business, restructuring an existing one, teaching, being involved in your local community, social media, creating physical products, marketing, sales, or anywhere between… together we can build a life you love and are proud to shine in.

My vision for you is to guide you through creating your own business (or adjusting the one you currently have) to generate as much passive income as possible, and allow you the flexibility to choose when you work so you can take the time you need with your children before they’re suddenly grown up. Flexibility to take the vacations you need, explore the places your family craves to see, and feel fulfilled at every turn.

Need more income? Ready to live life on your own terms?

Put my business degree and military strategy training to use! With my business strategy consulting, we will work together to determine where you can expand what you’re doing to earn more income, whether you already have an established business or not.

Simple Lifestyle Shifts That Honor Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Life is too short living symptom to symptom, frustration to frustration, or wondering if you’re making the healthiest choices for your family. Let’s set up a virtual coffee date and immerse in an online community filled with lovingly supportive people ready to help you live your best life, as healthy and happy as possible. 

I know all too well how that feels. After losing 8 long years of my 20s to chronic autoimmune disease and chronic neurological disorders that landed me a season of homelessness, I am intimately aware of the hopelessness and self-abuse that accompanies poor health. I healed myself, and have helped numerous families through the same journey. My healing happened before there was science to prove it would work, when everyone thought I was crazy, and now there are tons of science to prove that mimicking my journey works for most everyone. We are truly living in exciting times!

Looking to enhance your quality of life?

I’ll personally guide you through the process of making simple healthier choices and remove common harmful products from your home that doesn’t totally disrupt your lifestyle.

Today, you can benefit from my 10+ years of research and experience to set you up for living happier, healthier, and more purposeful.

Live More Purposeful with Our Team Resources

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Community? Purpose? Something for YOU that doesn’t involve catering to everyone else in your family? We have a wonderful online community that merges all that – combining a sense of purpose, a wonderfully supportive community (with guidance for creating your own local community too), meaningful conversations, and a generous compensation plan. All centered around providing support, encouragement, and cheering you on as you embrace living your best life.

Indulge in your passion for helping other people by joining our team as a team leader.

You’ll receive coaching and training on how to build a truly authentic business based on your interests, needs, personality, and lifestyle.

My leadership opportunity is ideal for individuals and small businesses focused on healthier lifestyles.

Interested in Writing for Whisper Willows?

I love collaborating with other supportive bloggers, writers, coaches, consultants, and parents. If you feel you’re knowledgable in a certain topic centered around supporting women finding their purpose, soul level self care routines, lifestyle shifts for living your purpose, sharing your story, or overall increasing someone’s quality of life, and would love to band together, let me know!

** Please note** guest posts are currently exclusive to people I’ve had a prior working relationship with, or people they refer. Please feel welcome to work with me by enrolling in a coaching program or by taking one of my online courses prior to submitting your guest post for review.

Interested in Sponsoring a Whisper Willows Post?

Like what you see? Feel the pull to help contribute? 

I’m currently accepting sponsorships for our posts, articles, and to fund scholarships for women who need my coaching but can’t afford it. All my articles support are focused on supporting women (and men) through soul-deep self care modalities that actually work, finding purpose, living authentically to their soul mission in this life, intensifying intuition, growing intuitive gifts, and developing flexible businesses that resonate with their lifestyle and family needs.

To sponsor a post, please review my Media Kit prior to contacting me. In my Media Kit, you’ll find FAQs, site stats, and non-negotiable post requirements.

Special Projects

In addition to coaching and courses, Nicole also provides a few options to help support your special programs:

  • Website design
  • Product suite production
  • Business expansion strategy
  • Freelance Writing
  • Speaking engagements

Not sure where to start?

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