While homeschooling isn’t always easy and stress-free, it is a great tool to teach your kids the importance of self care. Just as adults do, different kids have different dominant learning skills. Using your child’s dominant learning type helps them to grow their confidence, learn faster, retain what they’ve learned, and feel heard. Adapting your curriculum and routines to compliment their academic strengths and interests also helps to set them up for more future success, growing curiosity, and problem solving that will benefit them as they grow. This doesn’t mean to skip subjects, but to edify your student by finding creative ways to adapt them to spark interest and curiosity. This is aiding your child in learning the value of self care and self love, while also setting them up for a future with less anxiety and more confidence.

10 Reasons To Love Working From Home With Kids

Working from home, especially with young kids hanging out with you, can be quite the challenge. We feel obligated to balance every aspect of our home, work, kid, relationship needs of life. I mean… handling keeping the house clean… kids entertained… dishes done… cooking commenced… kids alive and fed… work handled… and let’s not neglect …

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