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You see and hear arguments for science nearly every day, whether it’s in person, online, or on TV. “The science is clear…” “You can’t argue with science.” “… because science says so.” There is no lack of controversial “science-based” topics running rampant, and definitely no shortage of associated contradictory opinions.

I read a post last night by Dr. Kelly Brogan that I must admit hit me to my core in a way that no other science-related blog post has been able to. Her post, titled Sacred Activism: Moving Beyond the Ego, covers her journey in how she believes science in the healthcare and food industries. If you haven’t read it, you absolutely should take the time to do so!

In her post, Dr. Brogan mentions her view of science, one which I spent most of my life completely agreeing with:

Here’s what I believed:

  • Science is truth.
  • The one who knows the most science is right.
  • There is a right and a wrong, good and bad.
  • There is a rational explanation for everything that deviates from what science would predict.
  • Time is of the essence. We need to hurry to get things done, and under control.
  • Misfortune comes from laziness.

She then moves on to talk about her research-driven change in heart from a practitioner’s standpoint. Learning her journey made me question my own mindset all over again and validated the internal struggle I’ve silently endured for the past couple years. What if I was wrong too?


Mark Twain is famous for his quote: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” In college, I was thrown through a loop learning how easy statistics can be manipulated to prove what you want to prove, instead of what all the numbers really suggest. I never realized how easy it was to manipulate math. The term “mathematically speaking” now means nothing to me. It caused me to question everything. When I saw percentages being thrown around, it made me beg for the details behind the numbers.

Then begs the question:

What if the science we have been conditioned to believe is as easily manipulated as the meaningless numbers from my statistics class? What if everything we’ve been lead to believe is bought and paid for by someone with an endless supply of finances used to purchase our knowledge and beliefs?

That thought terrified me!

A Change of Heart

Dr. Brogan’s perspective changed to one of questioning and research after watching her patients struggle.

My story of opening my eyes to all the control and corruption running rampant through our culture is similar, though through the opposite perspective. My perspective comes from the “hopeless” patient waiting to die, as my doctors frequently gave me promises of a degenerative autoimmune disease that would ultimately strip my life of any trace of independence and happiness until I miserably returned to dust.

If there is one thing the Navy taught me well, it was research and persistence. Refusing to accept my fate painted by doctors who refused to embrace alternatives in my medical care ultimately lead to me taking my health into my own hands and researching my way into wellness. 

My research didn’t stop there. Each time I found answers, more questions popped up. Many subsequent questions yielded anger and feelings of betrayal. Some things you cannot unlearn. Eventually I realized how interconnected everything in our lives are and I shifted my focus and I shifted my focus to how proper nutrition and toxins affect the body.

The gut is directly connected to the brain. That headache is related to my muscle failure. My irritable bowls are related to my numb hands. Each and every symptom I dealt with were all related to each other. My symptoms were not isolated problems, as my neurologist insisted. They were networked together as my body screamed out for help. My “sickness” was related to the food I ate, the vaccines I was injected with, the pollutants in my environment, a congested liver, and an inflamed digestive tract and neurological system.

My parents and ancestors were not to blame. My body was not to blame. Geoengineering was related. Politics were related. Pesticide-contaminated food was related. Stress was related. Forced inactivity was related. Lost hope was related (because what loving and forgiving God would watch someone experience their own personal undeserved Hell without intervening?). Inconsistent work hours were related. Inaccurate government-directed nutritional recommendations were related. Everything was not as it seemed.

Everything is interconnected in a way that is not popular to comprehend.

Do you see the trend? People by the MILLIONS are sicker every year since all these pollutants entered our environments and we are conditioned to accept it. Why are people getting sick? No one knows, but it definitely doesn’t have to do with the billion dollar chemical industry, so you must just be genetically flawed and we must just have better reporting methods now. Yeah… I don’t buy it, and you shouldn’t either.

Everything is related to everything. People are slowly starting to wake up and see it. It’s not just some conspiracy theory meant to scare you. It’s what is going on behind the scenes while you insist on believing in utopia.

… Because… Science…

I had previously always regarded science as the referee between right vs wrong.

Instead, I now science is a tool.

Science is a process. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s not about labeling, “proof,” or winning. It merely helps us reason with what we want to believe.

Truth is felt when you take in a variety of information and deeply reflect how it relates to your own life based on your personal experiences. That truth may yield different findings to the truth my reflection yields, and that’s ok.

Your truth may change several times as you experience more events in life, and that is ok too. There is no reason to judge. The important part is that you learn your truth without someone else telling you what what you need to believe, and I hope you open your mind enough to at least understand how someone else derived different results and not feel offended by there being a difference.

I implore you to do your due diligence and research. Question what you know. Question what is mainstream and popular.

Research your health conditions (both mental and physical) and how diet and environmental factors relate. And for the love of all that is still good in this world, DO NOT let anyone convince you that hope is futile.

I waited to die for 8 years before taking charge.

I allowed my doctor to unenroll me from the veterans hospital when I started to question my treatment plan full of medications that only made me sicker.

Instead of fighting a broken system, I did my research and applied my findings to my life, and am healthier today because of it.

I treated my body with food and supplements grown sustainably without chemicals and yielded better results than pills were ever able to provide me.

Worry less on how someone else might judge you and don’t be afraid to be your own success story.

My most recent doctors called my recovery an “unexplained miracle,” but my success story is not isolated. I’ve met many men and women with similar stories, and have personally helped hundreds of families through their own journeys overcoming the “impossible.”

People don’t know what they don’t know, and I cannot in good faith fault them for it. Meaning whether your a doctor, a scientist, a factory worker, or a desperate mother in search of help, you don’t know what you haven’t researched.

In my experience, it turns out turns out doctors are not required to know much about nutrition, and the ones I saw never took the time to learn about it so they never knew how my eating and toxic load could have affected my body, and didn’t understand my “miraculous” recovery or how my lifestyle fit in with it.

Fortunately for me, millions of people have been able to achieve similar results and were brave enough to publicly share their stories in a manner that enabled me to see what worked for them so I could compare it to medical research databases to make a plan to see what could work for me.

You can too. Don’t lose hope. Instead, arm yourself with knowledge. Find your truth, apply it to your life, and watch “miracles” happen.

Thank you for reading!

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