Journey Into Who You Really Are

I’m here to shake things up, encourage you to step out of the ordinary, and embrace 100% who you really are on a soul level as unconventionally as possible.

It’s no secret… you have an amazing story to tell, a soul mission to pursue, and people in this world who need your unique set of gifts and perspective, even if you haven’t realized it yet.

In pursuing your purpose, don’t forget about yourself. Physical wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, financial freedom, sanity, rest, and personal growth aren’t exclusive to certain types of people. They’re your birthright too. And when all these aspects of your life are smooth sailing, you become an unstoppable force of amazingness.

Your beautiful soul was never meant to fit into someone else’s box.
It’s time to embrace who you really are.

My wish… is to see you empowered to design your life so it feels like your living your purpose… to see you celebrate and laugh every win… and to see you having fun on your journey to living your life to the fullest.

Can you Feel It? Something Amazing is coming your way

Imagine yourself… feeling fulfilled, purposeful, excited, intuitive, and accepted for your “not so normal” gifts.

Sounds amazing, right?

You are here for a reason. You were chosen to be here for something very special and unique to who you are, your experiences, and your soul mission. Let’s dive into what makes you uniquely you, guide you through awakening to what that mission is, and strategize a customized plan that feels authentic and good to pursue.

My Offerings To Support Your Growth

Next Level Self Care

When self care just isn’t enough… take your self-care to a deeper level, replenishing your energy in all aspects of your life: mind, body, and soul

Grow Your Intuition

Take simple steps to grow your intuition so your Soul and Subconscious become your aligned life coaches

Find Your Purpose, Share Your Gifts

You’re here for a reason. Together, let’s discover what that purpose is, and in which ways are best for you to serve in your purpose

About Nicole…

After putting my chronic autoimmune and neurological health crisis into full remission, I’ve created space in my heart and life for helping you overcome your “impossible” circumstances, and seize opportunities that allow you to step into the life that resonates with you.

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Do not grieve prematurely when you look at the chaos around you. The right move will be presented to you intuitively at the right time. Just as a leaf will not fall from its tree before the right time.

You didn’t land here by mistake. You’re here for a reason. And for that reason, I hope you take a leaf from our tree of wisdom. Marinade in the fruits of our intuition, and use what you’ve learned to create something new to improve your wellness and your community.

In each article on this website, you will be presented a leaf from My Mind’s Garden to you. May your findings here be received brimming with Love. With the Leaves of Wisdom you find, I pray you grow Love infinitely as your leafage changes with the seasons, revealing the ever more luxuriant crown of your tree.

My wish for you is to remember your purpose, and follow the most direct path growing into it. I wish for you to strengthen your intuitive connection, and use your Spiritual Gifts to benefit and serve your community. And when you’re feeling stuck or lost, know that while you exhale what no longer serves you, you are preparing to inhale a much deeper, more fulfilling breath.

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The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step.

– Lao Tzu

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